Paul Perroni's histrionic and performing chops are proficient. - LA Times
Paul Perroni's histrionic and performing chops are proficient. - LA Times
Paul Perroni's histrionic and performing chops are proficient. - LA Times
Paul Perroni's histrionic and performing chops are proficient. - LA Times

All four actors are excellent singers...

Perroni plays Sinatra as a concerned and caring friend

- Culver City News 

Paul Perroni fills out the intimate cast, playing multiple 

roles (memorably as Frank Sinatra)

- Total Theater

Paul Perroni's histrionic and performing chops are proficient - LA Times

An exhilirating, corwd-pleasing hit...Paul Perroni does a good 

job as the smooth talking impresario

- Examiner

Frank Sinatra, played with perfect pipes and appropriately
exceeded ego by actor Paul Perroni  - NW Times

Sinatra.. Brought to life by Paul Perroni, 
kudos to him for getting the voice and bravado down

Paul Perroni's rendition of 'Pack Your Clothes'
was a highlight of the night - Chicago Stage Standard
Paul Perroni as Frank Sinatra and various other characters exudes charm

Frank Sinatra is played with swagger by Paul Perroni

It is the ensemble that makes this the stellar production it is...
Paul Perroni as Frank Sinatra (and others) is top-notch - Around The Town

Perroni does a good job of capturing Sinatra’s swagger and tone - CA Highways

Paul Perroni provides strong supporting work as Sinatra - Curtain Up

Paul Perroni smooths out the legendary Sinatra - LA Times
Paul Perroni plays Frank Sinatra with veracity,
truly getting Sinatra’s phrasing down as he sings - LA Splash

Paul Perroni does justice to all of his different roles

Perroni is enormously likable and holds the audience in the proverbial
palm of his hands. He's funny, charming, an expert mime, a bit of a
stand-up comic, and delivers one-liners with such aplomb that
they never fail to hit their intended targets - Broadway World

Paul Perroni puts the show over just as successfully as Becker, if not better.
He makes the material his own - New Haven Register

Perroni takes the evening way beyond the realm of stand-up comedy. 
The show becomes an acting piece in the same way that The Santaland Diaries 
became a play in the hands of fine actors like Timothy Olyphant and Thomas Sadoski - CT News


Paul Perroni as Cassius was powerful and on the mark,

his delivery is focused and impassioned - Oak Park Journal 


The funniest man in Buffalo very well could be Paul Perroni - The Spectrum
Paul Perroni does a superb performance... charming, engaging, witty, entertaining, exuding a charisma that had the audience out of their seats - The Latin Journal

Paul delivers his performance with such gusto
that you can’t help but laugh - Selig Film News

Genuinely funny and engaging, Paul Perroni
has us laughing all the way - Republican-American

Perroni is perfectly cast, with a sort of benign, burly and brutish air. He has
an amiable stage presence, the audience quickly hanging on every word,
gesture and facial expression he makes
- Now Playing Austin